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March 2, 2022

Body Image

Do you ever find yourself TOO focused on how your body looks? I have struggled with this, and I still have my off days when it comes to body image. Here are some things that personally help ME when I'm not feeling 100% awesome about my body.

1. Remember that your body is doing it's best. It's taking the tools that it's given, like nutrition, sleep, and training, and it's working around the clock to adapt to them and put you in the best position possible to thrive.

2. Remember the things your body does for you. If you try hard, you can probably think of a LOT of things that you did today alone that you have your body to thank for. If you do gratitude practice, try including your body in it!

3. Remember that a LOT of people, probably even some people you wouldn't expect, struggle with body image issues from time to time. On social media especially it's easy to look at someone and think "She always looks amazing, if I looked like her I would feel 100% confident all the time". It's cliche to say at this point, but just remember that social media is literally not real! If it feels helpful, try taking a break from social media, or at least accounts that encourage you to stay fixated on your own looks.