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Every time you walk through the door, you will be challenged to be the fittest, healthiest, most confident, best version of yourself. You'll never be on this road alone. A trainer will be by your side through every workout to make sure you can learn and perform every movement safely. Your CrossFit family will be with you to push you through the hardest workouts and celebrate your biggest victories.


About crossfit kids

Your kids will be excited to tell you about all of the fun they had at Hardbat CrossFit Kids class! You are more than welcome to stick around and watch your kids run, jump, swing, and learn new movements. We want every kid to leave feeling a sense of accomplishment, and associate fitness with fun!


About crossfit classes

We do CrossFit the RIGHT way! We make the entire experience about YOU! From the minute you start on our program you will realize that you are in complete control of your fitness journey, we are here to give you guidance, and make sure you stay healthy and happy through the process!

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We have a wide range of classes taking place throughout the day and week. Take a look and see what slots fit into your schedule.

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Join a community you will love to be a part of as you achieve your fitness goals through great coaching and fellow peers cheering you on!

We are located in Delaware

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We just moved to a larger, redesigned facility with our members in mind! Providing quality equipment and service is our top priority.


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