About the Hardbat Athletics community

Founded in 2011 by Derek Batman, Hardbat is the longest standing specialized fitness facility in the Newark area. Since its inception, Hardbat has delivered inclusive exercise programming, capable of improving everyone's lives through improved movement quality, better lifestyle and eating habits, and greater self awareness.

The community at Hardbat is one that celebrates the differences between the members, while continuing to engage with the most significant similarity--each individual trying to become a better version of themselves. With a membership base that ranges from 1 week of attendance to 8 years of loyalty, it is clear that there is something magic in the air, and to be here is to not only to be part of that collective energy, but to contribute towards it.

Meet the owner

Derek’s passion for strength and conditioning started at a young age, and his studies in exercise science led him to find his passion for fitness.

Derek has taken the traditional fitness philosophies he learned at the university level, and combined them with finely tuned fitness methodologies to create a gym that offers a wide range of services to its members.

Even after over 11 years of ownership, Derek dedicates much of his time to coaching class, working with clients directly, and being part of the Hardbat Athletics community.

Hardbat Athletics by the numbers

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Our Core Values


To use a prescriptive model that meets clients at their current ability level, and provides a concise plan of action that fits within the lifestyle boundaries of the individual.


To bring out the best of every person in the building.


To follow a structured, organized, and educational approach which will allow all members to reach their full potential.


To maintain an environment that is fun, supportive