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May 1, 2023

Snack Recommendations (That Will Actually Satisfy Cravings)

Most snacks will likely leave you hungrier than before; this is usually because the snacks we crave are high in sugar and sodium, but not protein and fiber. Here are some ideas for snacks that will actually keep you full:

Before a workout: higher carb, moderate protein

  • Clif bars (10g protein)
  • Bananas (High in fiber and carbs)
  • Bagel with jam (12g protein)

After a workout: a little more protein and fat

  • Rx Bar (12g protein)
  • Whey or vegan Protein shake (25-30g of protein)
  • Tuna salad with crackers

Any time during the day: a good balance of all macronutrients

  • Oikos Greek yogurt with Quaker protein granola (32g of protein)
  • Kodiak toaster waffles
  • Turkey sandwich with light mayo on whole wheat bread