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February 28, 2023

Using Streaks in Fitness and Nutrition

Using streaks in your fitness and nutrition plan can be a great motivation to stay consistent in achieving your goals. Streaks also help focus you on only the habits that are most important to you (improving max push-ups, increasing step count, earning better range of motion), which prevents you from getting derailed by unnecessary activities or distractions.

You can use a counting system to track how many days in a row you can keep up your new healthy habits. If you are using an old-school paper calendar, try making a big X every day that you accomplish your fitness to-do's and over time they will become a chainlink fence! If you would prefer technology, there are apps like "most days" and "streaks" to help keep you accountable.

The feeling of accomplishment when you hit your mark helps inspire commitment and enthusiasm for continuing on the path of self-improvement.