Group Personal Training

Get the best of both worlds with a coach's focused attention to guide you, and a small group of friends to motivate you!

What is this class about?

All the benefits of a group experience, with all the comfort of close attention from a coach. Grab a few friends, and let’s get fit together!

What is this program about?

In our small group personal training, your group of 2-5 or more people will work with one coach.

This training works best for groups of people who have similar goals and/or backgrounds.

Informed by the wants and needs of your group, your coach will lead you through a custom tailored warmup and training session. 

Is this the right program for me? 

Our Small Group Personal Training is right for you if you : 

  1. Want the motivation of a group training experience, but would prefer a smaller group and/or a group of people you already know.
  2. Are looking to benefit from the close attention of an experienced coach

Class details

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