Kids Classes

Whether you want to get your kids into fitness for the first time, or they already play sports, our kids classes will help them build skills and body awareness for life.

What is this class about?

In our kids program, your kids will learn invaluable skills that will last them a lifetime.

They’ll run, climb, push, and pull their way to better body awareness and strength, but to them, it’ll just seem like fun!

Whether they pursue fitness as adults, or play other sports, this class builds the physical foundation they need to live a healthy and active life!

Is this the right class for my child?

Our kids gym class is right for your child if they:

  1. Want to get better at their sport, or get fitter in general.
  2. Can benefit from building a solid physical foundation.
  3. Have extra energy to put to good use!

Class details

Schedule :
Tues, Thur, Sat
Duration :
Ages :
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